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Beatrix Masszi | Founder/Director

After receiving her Diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale, at The Washington Montessori Institute in DC, Beatrix was drawn to the Boston area firstly by a teaching position offered at The Children’s House of Hingham, then through an opportunity to assist in the establishment of Montessori Educare, with a wonderful mentor, colleague and friend; a great preparation for the opening of this school in 1974. As Founder and Director, it has been such a joy and pleasure for her to see the school evolve and grow over the past 39 years!

Anissa Arloro | Administrator/Co-Teacher Room 1

Anissa began her Montessori experience at age three, here at Melrose Montessori School. The wonderful experience left an indelible impression, and she visited often throughout the years. Following a degree in fashion and work in the fashion industry, she sought Montessori as a calling to work with children. In 1993 she graduated with a diploma from the Association Montessori Interntionale at the Foundation for Montessori Education, Toronto, under the direction of Mrs. Renilde Montessori. Her first job teaching was here at Melrose Montessori School where she stayed until the birth of her first child. She founded the Montessori Home–School cooperative, the New England AMI Alumni Association, and spent several years educating parents on Montessori, in local groups and schools. She spent a short time in Naples, Florida heading Cedar Montessori School, serving children ages one year through grade six, where all three of her children were able to attend. She serves on several boards of Montessori organizations and enjoys organizing quality professional development and training opportunities for professionals. Being reunited with Mrs. Masszi here at MMS since 2011, she is dedicated to spending many more years helping to provide the children with an optimal Montessori experience.

Eleni Georgakakis | Co-Teacher Classroom 1

Eleni came from Greece to the United States to further her education. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Classics. Her Master’s work enriched Eleni’s experience in curriculum development and increased her knowledge of assessment practices. She also developed skills for applying theory and principles in promoting learning to individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She has taught Greek to both children and adults, in private and afternoon parochial schools. While tutoring a student in Greek, the child’s mother complimented Eleni on her teaching style and commented that it was very typical to Montessori. Intrigued, Eleni started researching Montessori principles and agreed that its theories and methods were a natural part of her teaching style.

Eleni completed her AMS Montessori 3-6 training at the Northeast Montessori Institute while interning at Melrose Montessori .She has been teaching at our school since 2005. Her focus is on teaching children to discover the potential in themselves and she stresses learning in a fun and stimulating environment.

Teresa Scioletti | Lead Teacher Classroom 2

Teresa joined Melrose Montessori School in 2000. With her children as students of the school, Teresa worked in the office as an assistant administrator. Fascinated by the process of learning and watching her children master skills, Teresa researched Montessori in depth. After assisting in the classroom the following year, she was certain that teaching was her calling. In 2004, Teresa attained the American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood certification from Northeast Montessori Institute in Beverly, MA. She furthered her studies by receiving a Masters of Education degree focusing on Montessori Early Childhood from Endicott College, Beverly, MA in 2005. Teresa also has a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems from Northeastern University. Prior to her interest in Montessori, she spent a number of years working as a project manager for information systems implementations.

Teresa is married with two children in college who are both alumni of Melrose Montessori.

Teresa feels that one of the many joys in life is sharing the beauty and wonder of the world with a child and is so grateful to have that experience daily at the Melrose Montessori School.

Amanda Wrinn | Assistant Teacher Room 2

Amanda began her interest in working with children by attending Salem State College for Elementary Education. After being hired as an assistant at Melrose Montessori in 2008, she became more and more intrigued by the Montessori philosophy. She began her Montessori training at the Northeast Montessori Institute in 2010. She continues to be amazed at the benefits Montessori has to offer, the beautiful Montessori environment and observing the children in their journey. She and her husband look forward to their one year old daughter starting her journey at Melrose Montessori, in the future!

Eileen DeGregorio

My name is Eileen DeGregorio; this is my second year teaching at Melrose Montessori. I have my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Child Development from Wheelock College. I have taught in the Everett Public School system in many capacities and at a local pre-school as well. I have a natural connection working with children and desired to teach in an environment that respected the innate intelligence of each individual child. I was drawn to the Montessori method and its pedagogy; this led me to the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto, Canada. I completed the program in May of 2014. I enjoy the collaboration, expertise, and the partnerships with my fellow teachers and administrators. I am delighted to be teaching in a Montessori classroom and to be working at Melrose Montessori.

Curriculum Environment

Of paramount importance in our program is “the prepared environment”, an organized, orderly classroom, offering a wide range of educational experiences. The classroom is subdivided into five specific areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture.

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History of the school

Melrose Montessori School was founded in 1974, by Beatrix Masszi. Many of our hundreds of families over the years have remained part of our extended family for years after their time spent in the school!

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