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General Information

Our academic year generally opens within the first week of September and continues through mid June. We basically follow the schedules of public schools in our vicinity, however since minor variations do occur, we will issue our own calendar with exact dates to be established for 2016/2017.


To provide the best possible exchange of information between the parent and the school, new applicants are required to follow three basic steps:

  • Observation of the class in session by parent(s)
  • An interview between parent(s) and the administrator.
  • Observation of the child in the classroom by the teacher and administrator


Children ages 2yrs 9mos thru 7yrs (pre-k thru 1st grade)

The child will be enrolled providing:

  • Space is available in his/her age category (new child).
  • Re-enrollment has been mutually agreed upon by parent and teacher.
    The child will be enrolled providing:

  • Space is available in his/her age category.
  • Physically and emotionally the child can comfortably handle the academic classroom requirements.

    To maximize the benefits, ensure stability and continuity in the classroom, preference will be given to families seeking placement for the full three-year term of the Montessori Primary Program.

    All children will be enrolled on a 5 days per week basis, except in the case of a special needs child or a child having difficulty adjusting to a classroom situation.

    Children enrolled in the school will be expected to remain through June. Parents will be liable for the balance of the tuition except in the event that a family is relocated beyond our vicinity.


    The Melrose Montessori School shall not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.


    Parents are required to provide their child with a complete change of clothes, preferably in a clear bag, clearly marked with the child’s name. These are to be kept at school in case of “accidents”! Please send an ample and continuing supply of underpants, slacks, and socks for children prone to wetting!

    Please label each and every item of clothing!


    Since aerobics, gymnastics, music and movement are an integral part of our program, all children are required to wear black ballet slippers or gym shoes in the classroom, (to be kept at school!).


    Each family is designated one or two weeks per year, to send in their choice of items from the food groups listed on our menu.

    Fruits: Oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, peach, mango, nectarine, melon, grapes, berries, or dried apricots.
    Grains: Dry cereal, whole grain crackers, graham crackers, goldfish, mini rice cakes, sliced bread, mini bagels, whole wheat tortillas.
    Vegetables:  Carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, zucchini, bell pepper, green beans, sugar peas, cucumbers or avocados.
    Milk: Low-fat cheese slices or string cheese.

    Apple juice and water will always be available as a beverage choice and the snacks will be available to children throughout the day.

    For special occasions such as a birthday, holiday party etc. If parents wish to, they may send in a special snack, e.g. cookies or small cupcakes, vegetables/dip or cheese/crackers to celebrate the event.

    Parents of children with severe food allergies are asked to provide the daily snack items for their children and a supply of special treats for special occasions.


    For children attending the extended session, we recommend a sandwich cut into four pieces, a drink, fresh or dried fruit, cheese or yogurt. Small thermoses are recommended for warm foods such as soups, macaroni etc. Please be so kind as to include two napkins! Extra food will be available in case a child forgets to bring lunch or needs additional food. The staff members in charge of lunch will eat with the children, interact with them socially as well as assisting them in any way needed and help the children with the brushing of their teeth after lunch.


    “No school” due to inclement weather will be announced by WBZ or WHDH after the early news. Should the Melrose Public Schools cancel, we will also cancel. Should they “delay opening”, we will do the same, however, we ask parents to exercise their own judgment with regard to the safe transportation of their child.


  • Between Classrooms: With parental permission and agreement, the educators will discuss the reasons, pros and cons, and impact on the child and each classroom before preparing a child for such a move. A visit and a trial period will be offered prior to a final decision being made.
  • To A New School: At the parent’s request and with their agreement, we will provide reports, recommendations and work examples to the new facility, ask for all pertinent information to help us best prepare the child for the move and assist the parent in any way we can.

    As a school, we support and encourage a partnership with and the involvement of you, as parents, in the early education and care of your children. Continuing communication between the school and parents is vital to the welfare of all concerned. Opportunities for communication include:

    Monthly letter Via our Family Information Envelope or via E-mail; our way of conveying information pertinent to up-coming events, meeting notices, information parents may wish to share and articles we feel may be of interest to parents. Teachers also send out information regarding their planned curriculum each month.

    Visits and observation Observation of classes in session will be possible from mid-October through the end of May. Parents are welcome to come as often as they wish. However, if parents also wish to confer with a teacher, an appointment should be made prior to your visit.

    Conferences and progress reports Conferences are available upon request. They are required at least twice a year. Appointments for parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled around November, and again around May! Progress reports are given to parents to review at the beginning of the conference and copies made available upon request.

    Parent meetings and parent input Parent Meetings will be scheduled two or three times through the school year, according to the consensus of the parent group. Your input is vital for us to best serve your interests and needs, so please do not hesitate to let us know about any concerns, issues or subject matter you may wish to discuss or have addressed at our meetings.

    Teachers are available at the door at drop-off and pick-up times for brief communications. However, any changes in either personnel, or pick-up schedules should be given to us in a written format!

    We can be reached via telephone: 781-665-0621 between 8:30am and 2:45pm (Mon.- Fri.) or via e-mail:


    The school will inform parents immediately:

  • of any injury requiring medical care beyond minor first aid
  • of any emergency administration of non-prescription medication
  • of any allegation of abuse or neglect involving their child while in the care and custody of the school
  • at the end of the day regarding any first aid administered in writing, within 48 hours of any incident
  • prior to or as soon as possible following any change in educators
  • whenever special problems or significant developments arise
  • whenever a communicable disease/condition has been identified in the school
  • in writing, prior to implementation of any change in school policy or procedures
  • prior to the introduction of any pets into the school
  • prior to the use of any herbicides or pesticides
  • whenever the school deviates from the planned menu
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    Curriculum Environment

    Of paramount importance in our program is “the prepared environment”, an organized, orderly classroom, offering a wide range of educational experiences. The classroom is subdivided into five specific areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture.

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    History of the school

    Melrose Montessori School was founded in 1974, by Beatrix Masszi. Many of our hundreds of families over the years have remained part of our extended family for years after their time spent in the school!

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